I need more Pixels . . . Please

Back in the cyberworld of pixels, my daily dose of ‘friends’ pics on Facebook finds me whispering, more pixels, please. Cell phone cameras are handy, however I know how impossible it is to see anything on a cellphone during daylight. Some of the shots are clearly not cell camera created and just wanted to tweak here and there.


Am I a pest on Pixer?

If you are on Facebook and get the “Pixer” reminders that friends have photos to share with you, then you understand what I am doing. No one has been offended, sued me or blocked me, yet. Always have positive comments and it gives me the opportunity to make someone smile and to use some Macphun retouching software. I am addicted.

I just purchased Tonality and here is one example of a homeless man, which I posted before but Tonality takes your color pics and gives you so many options to go with B&W.

Brent 2 copy
Brent Coffee stained Tonality
This preset with adjustments is called, Coffee Stain
A few more using Intensify . . .


So, if you are one of my 2,386 Facebook friends, you just may be in for a do-over.

December Surfing . . .

70-200mm f/2.8L IS Telephoto Lens

70-200mm f/2.8L IS Telephoto Lens (Photo credit: fensterbme)


Yesterday was a perfect day, for any month – but more delightful when it’s in December. Temps were hovering around 80 and we beat it to the beach.  Some pretty good sets came through and the tide was still  high. How I longed for a telephoto lens, but did what I could with my trusty Canon Powershot S5.


It was about getting some vitamin D and breathing in that wonderful salty air.  Spending time with hubby away from computers and our dog, Max – who was at  Big Dog Camp. A few people sat on the beach, strolled the tide line and a couple of little girls frolicked in the surf while their mother shot video and stills. I think I may have ended up in one, so I captured her also.


Today, gloomy and barely 60 degrees. Rain on the way tonight.  But, that’s Southern California.


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SoCal in November

Facebook and many social media sites  were asking what did you have to be thankful for this year. Well, there are so many things . . . most of which I listed on Facebook. For WP, I just want to say I am thankful to live here in SoCal where,  even in November, people enjoy the outdoors all year.

These two were still paddling and enjoying the holiday on the water, and didn’t mind posing.
Here come the turkeys Turkey girl resize

A walk by the lake, always warm there in the valley.

It may look like a vacation paradise, but so close to home.

Then a vista with kids and grandsons.
Bob, boys, Sam t-day 2

Tempting Tuesday . . .

wg_drawn_sm_icon_5If you’re on Facebook you might know about – Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday. Yesterday, was my daughter’s birthday, so I added a pic of us from the 80s.
Happy Birthday

I tried to think of something to post for Tuesday, while I was at the produce market I took some shots with my cell phone. Something I kept promising myself I would do . . . someday. Sure, I could have called it – “What’s in Your Cart” – but “Tempting Tuesday” jumped all over the place and so I give you . . .



Give Me an ‘R’ . . . .

RIf you are on Facebook you might have played this little game. Someone “gives you an R” and your friends are supposed to describe you using only  words that begin with ‘R’. Someone else may have another letter and you respond using their letter, perhaps a ‘Q’.

I decided that I would take most of their ‘R words’ and create a story – it was well-received. I did decide to leave out one ‘R’ word that was not PG rated.

So, they gave me an ‘R’ and here’s the tale.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    *   *

CIAShe wanted to  retire from the CIA , live a Respectable life.   Shop the Rollbacks at WalMart. rollback_affiliate_125X125Covert ops were always Risky–even Remarkable at times, yet she Relished most of them. Her handlers thought she was Relevant and one of the most Reliable and Responsible operatives they had– they would not let her retire. They said she had an almost Religious zeal for her work. They thought highly of her skills and were Respectful of her opinions

One more case, they pleaded. An opportunity to catch that Roman Rascal who had stolen the Rimfire Ruby, the most Radiant and expensive gem ever Registered. RimfireThe man whom the agency called Randy, but who’s Real name was Radolfo. A man who was constantly Reinventing himself. This time he was known by his associates as the Rescuer.


The thief’s family was Rich and claimed they designed the best Riding scooter in all of Randazzo,  a town and commune of Sicily, Italy.






She was Ripe for the assignment, she had a Renewed sense of purpose and was Ready to take what ever Road was necessary. She was a little Rusty when it came to her  Italian, but as an undercover agent, she looked Ravishing in her Roberto Cavalli sunglasses. She would pursue this man until the day of Repentance . . .  if it were the last thing she did.
Will get her man

Coming to a theater near you . . .theater


A little fog – a little Photoshop – a little Portrait Pro

Woke up to this  . . . 

fog IMG_2460

A friend posted her picture on Facebook – and I took some liberties. What else can you do in the fog?
Laura original


DNSChanger: God is my Firewall – Doomsday or not . . .

DNSChanger: No, the Internet Isn’t Shutting Down on Monday | Techland | TIME.com. or is it?

Last night a friend called, a hint of panic in her voice. Had I head of the Doomsday malware going to strike millions of people in the USA? Was I protected, did I have a good system in place. Her voice became more agitated as I remained calm, cool and unafraid. She added, “Mac’s” can get it too, you better do something.”  Wow, was the house on fire, had Iran bombed  Israel off the map and were we next? I know the TV news is bad, more reason to watch reruns of Gunsmoke, maybe I should call Marshall Dillon or Fesus to get to these cyber bullies.

My thoughts went immediately to the Millennium bug,Y2K as it was called. People headed for the hills, stockpiled food and supplies. Then it happened! The ball dropped in Times Square and all was right with the world – and  my computer.

“Well,  all your personal information could be stolen, you buy on-line, I know you do.” Friend was getting more frustrated with me. As if stealing a person’s identity was anything new. Sure, some thieves paw through your trash and steal you name, rank and social security number, others are just more technically savvy and paw through your computer.

I would not want to be a victim of the DNS changer, but this is not the end of my world. Some thought their life was over when Twitter went down,  some when they were unfriended  on Facebook  or they went over their  limit in text messages.

That day will come for all of us when we are no more.  A time when God calls us home,  as there is a  season for all things. In the meantime, I will live my life the best I can, help where I am able, forgive and forget and not worry when hackers convince technology to rear it’s ugly side. It may be frustrating, so get the good book and relax. God is my Firewall – is He yours?

Grandma – I need help!

Lately there’s been an uptick in the Grandma telephone scam. A young person calls you pretending to be a loved one, this also happens to parents, the kid is  in jail and needs money. They are in a foreign country and so much has happened – you must wire money immediately.  Rather than explain the entire  scenario, this you tube below will tell it all.

I had one of these calls several months ago – a young man called and said, “Hello, Grandma – so you know who this is? ” Well, I hadn’t heard from one adult grandson in a long time, one who, sad to say gets in deep. Anyway, it didn’t take but a few seconds for me to realize this was a scam. But, I was curious to see how far he’d go with the story. I kept him on the line, giving me one sob story after another on why he needed money right away. It would have been a good “Locked Up Abroad” segment on NatGeo. After I knew he felt he was close to reeling me in, I asked him a question.

“Before I help you, I forgot the name of your DOG.”  I had the last laugh as he hung up.  But too many unsuspecting seniors and parents are losing thousands of dollars to this scam.  One of the ways they get the names of your children or grandchildren, is on FACEBOOK. Be careful how much info you post.

Pantsing the Economy – or tale of the trousers

For many of us, unless our claim to fame is being a fashionista or GQ guy, like our old, worn out clothes. Those comfy rags we slip into around the house when we are sure no one will be ringing the doorbell with video camera or iPhone in hand. No chance of ending up on YouTube, Facebook or any other social networking site. Perhaps one glimpse of this pantsing might improve Facebook’s stock, then maybe not.

I hate shopping, unless it’s for some new technology or software I just might use. To be more precise, I hate clothes shopping. As does my hubby. The Mall is not our friend, it’s sensory overload with teenagers hanging on the fringes and ear-piercing sounds emanating from every orifice. And, those 3-way mirrors, I loathe, despise and detest. Enough said.

Now hubby took his comfort level to the trail and the pharmacy. Sort of. Wearing his khaki’s for some time, they developed a small, but threadbare spot. A little noticeable, however might be overlooked in polite circles. Then it happened. A slight, 3-corner tear appeared. Still not quite the homeless guy on the street look, at least not until a toenail turned that opening into what some might call, fashionably distressed. That is if they were jeans on some young thing with a tongue piercing.

We were just getting ready to take Max out on a trail walk and make a pharmacy run when that toe nail did its dastardly deed. Well, this was more than any well-bred inner circle could ignore. The trail was one thing, but picking up pharmaceuticals in broad daylight in a busy shopping center, how uncouth.

Off we went. I thought about what I might say in defense of my hubby’s pants. Perhaps we would be alone on the trail, just the whispers of the ocean breeze and the chirping of the birds. No way to interpret what they might be gossiping about, no problem. A couple came toward us on the crest of the trail, I held Max off to the side as if I knew not the stranger with the tattered trousers. Hubby asked them about another trail. I’m sure they knew we were together. No place to run.

Well, I was ready with the trouser defense, just in case. Hubby was protesting the bad economy. He would wear his clothes until he got some answers. If you think his pants are bad, I would chime in – you should see his . . . Well, I wasn’t going to go there.

We made the pharmacy run, hubby walked in with his head held high and his eyes concealed behind his DG sunglasses from eBay. I turned on the Suburu’s radio and watched for his return. I heard no laughing, I saw no pointing fingers as he walked like any other man in unholy pants. We were almost home free. My only thought now was to get up to our condo without a neighbor in sight. And to put those pants where the sun doesn’t shine.

Moral to the story? Some men can pull this off, others not so much. Do you have a tale to tell? Join the party, only if you dare.