The Food Bank delivers . . .

On the first Tuesday of each month the San Diego Food Bank makes a huge delivery of produce to those in need. The drop off is at the Bread of Life Rescue Mission in Oceanside, CA. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots, some didn’t seem to mind, one woman yelled at me, “Please,lady don’t take my picture.” It was already too late, so I honored her request by cropping her out. The video is now on Youtube at:

The director of the mission, Steve Bassett informed the crowd I might be taking pictures for him. I tried not to be obvious as I meandered around the crowd. Bread products come from various stores and bakeries and are also handed out that day.

Men of the Mission – part deux

A few changes in color . . .

Men of the Mission

Men of the Mission

Men of the Mission

Last night I had the opportunity to visit Bread of Life Rescue Mission in Oceanside. My husband and I founded this mission a number of years ago. Here are a few of the shots I was able to capture without disturbing anyone. Several of the men had no problem with me capturing their image, some eager to talk and tell me some of their trials.

Bike Blessing brought them in from far and wide . . .

The Bike Blessing Rally was packed,  riders came in from Riverside, Orange County, San Diego – no doubt places further since the weather was ride worthy. Might have been the economy, but I didn’t see as many custom bikes as in previous years. Still, plenty of chrome, paint and goodies to enjoy both outside and in Kennedy’s Custom Cycles in Oceanside where the Rally was held.  Random shots in the mid-day sun.

Look carefully and you will see the homeless woman behind the chain link fence watching the riders rolling in.

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She came to the Bike Blessing

The Bike Blessing is an annual event put on by Bikers for Christ. This is the tenth year, a decade of, mostly Harley’s  roaring in to enjoy the bands, food, camaraderie, merchants and prayer – along with renewal of wedding vows and people watching

I’ve been to most, do the media stuff and capture shots for our monthly newsletter, BFC website and often a Youtube video.  The event starts at noon, is held on a side street in an industrial park – on the asphalt, and on a bright sunny day, it can be very hot. Actually, the weather last Sunday was perfect! It had rained for two days before, it has never rained on a Bike Blessing Rally.

I had parked my car on another street, as only bikes are parked on the rally site. As I turned to walk down the street, a strange figure was hanging on behind a fence some distance away. I couldn’t  tell if it was male or female – but snapped a quick shot and went on my way. I didn’t realize until I loaded my shots of the day on my mac that the person behind the fence was the homeless woman I had been caught up in capturing as she sat in the first row of seats in front of the band area.

I never saw her speak to anyone, I sat one seat away and took pictures, she never looked at me, even when I touched her arm. She was given a plate of food and had something in a plastic bag. Weathered, it was hard to tell her age.