Stay . . . Sit . . .

A two month pain in the neck, not a relationship but an actually physical pain made sitting at my Mac pretty much impossible. Gotta love my smart phone for keeping me connected, but one cannot create the things I like to post.

Yesterday was a day for this cowboy to take his sweetie for a ride. They were in front of us, it had to be a rear shot. This 1940 Ford Pick-up was a beauty and caught my eye long enough to capture it before it turned toward the coast.

I think one of the things I enjoy most is taking some very poor pics that friends post on Facebook and surprising them with a new version. Not always easy and sometimes just impossible. But always a challenge to come up with something to make them smile. The remake of Pastor Z on guitar was so well liked he decided to use it for his profile picture. Long time friend and founder of Bikers for Christ International.

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One of my neighbors posted a shot of her and her mother at a birthday party. This was another Facebook post that, when I saw it, I flinched. I used three different programs and came up with something she really liked. Still not great, but . . .

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I’m sure this was a cell phone shot . . .

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Now, if there I could only make a living, or a few dollars more for something I enjoy. Happy to be back with WordPress.


A Pig’s Tale . . .

Let me begin this tale by saying that people tell me things. All kinds of things. Strangers seem quick to respond to an off-hand comment or a simple smile in the check-out line. check outThey feel the need to talk to me. I listen, and listen some more and may interject a question or comment. The conversations can be brief or go on for ten minutes. Such was the case today.

LighterIt was shop for essentials at ‘WalMart Day’. Laundry soap, wax paper, etc. Toss in a few tomatoes and avocados and . . . a fireplace lighter. It’s not unusual to see the same individual a number of times as I perused the aisles trying to stick to my handwritten list. While I was heading to the area where the lighters are usually displayed, I overheard a store employee in the next aisle giving directions. I moved closer and asked about the lighter.  They were right there, almost in front of me—far from the usual may I help you

A young man looked up at me and said he was trying to find a hand-crank meat grinder, he told me the employee said they had them. Thus began the pig’s tale.
meat grinder

“I’m going to make empanadas,” said the man with a genuine smile and a bit of an accent. “See, I bought a pork butt and have to grind it up.”

“That sounds good,” I replied.

Emeril-Lagasse“I only made them once, about three years ago – I saw Emeril Lagasse make them . . . I‘ll show you,” he said as he pulled out his iPhone and starting scrolling through. He sighed, “My kids said I need to get up-to date, I really don’t like this phone, the iphonescreen is too small. Ah, these are my children, my son and my daughter.” More scrolling. “There, you see?” A large platter of empanadas appeared.Empanadas

I asked him if he was Filipino, he reminded me of our neighbor down stairs, so polite and friendly. Again—that warm smile, “Yes, and I love to cook.”

I listened a bit more and that’s when he pulled a large, plastic-wrapped package out of his cart. It made no sense at first. Then he turned it over and I saw . . . the SNOUT!

A pig’s head stared up at me with beady eyes that once searched for stray kernels. pig-cornLimp ears that would no longer wiggle and a mouth with something of a grim smile.

I asked if what he was going to do with the head – he told me how he would marinate it with herbs and who knows what else. An apple it it’s mouth, maybe.

There are many places in the world, butcher shops, and specialty shops where one might purchase a pig’s head. But, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see the head of a pig in a WalMart cart. I was astonished to say the least.

flying pigs

I soon wished him a Happy New Year and he returned the sentiment. As I write about this now the thought occurred to me that this little scenario would have made a humorous ‘Candid Camera’ stunt.

If I could transport myself to the Philippines for dinner, the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant would be a lovely place to dine.
The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is a truly singular and memorable experience. Located at the Villa Escudero Resort in the Philippines, guests can enjoy lunch while the water flows under their feet .

New software uses smartphone camera for spying

“Remote burglars” could use these three-dimensional models to “study the environment carefully and steal virtual objects [visible to the camera] … such as as financial documents [or] information on computer monitors,” the researchers reported.

New software uses smartphone camera for spying – Washington Times.

Now the Smart phone has a fox in its henhouse.


The Big Apple . . . iPhone, Apple thefts up in NY

New York Police Department statistics show more than 11,400 Apple products have been ripped off this year, up 40 percent from last year. The thefts make up most of the overall increase in burglaries, thefts and grand larcenies in the nation’s biggest city.



via iPhone, Apple thefts up in NY |






I heard from a Cyber Crime detective that law enforcement is ten years behind technology – guess that proves that the criminals always get their iPad.









FRIDAY DRABBLE – The i’s have it.

“ I am great, absolutely upper crust.  Agreed, i?”

“Not again. The lowest of the low, that’s what I thinks of me” muttered i concentrating on his apple. “I is a thief. Someday the world will know,” grumbled i as he got to the core of the matter.

“You’ll never have the fan base I have, why I have millions of people depending on my information. Without I, who would be able to spread sheets and . . . .  Well, what do you have to say for yourself, i?”

“Just  . . .  iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iCloud, a million apps – need I go on, said i.”

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Is the Internet Making Us Crazy?

According to the news this morning, the DNS Changer was a flop, it fizzled. There may be other sister viruses out there . . .

The video below may be of some interest to those with teenagers.

Is the Internet Making Us Crazy? What the New Research Says – Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

In less than the span of a single childhood, Americans have merged with their machines, staring at a screen for at least eight hours a day, more time than we spend on any other activity including sleeping. Teens fit some seven hours of screen time into the average school day; 11, if you count time spent multitasking on several devices. When President Obama last ran for office, the iPhone had yet to be launched. Now smartphones outnumber the old models in America, and more than a third of users get online before getting out of bed.

Meanwhile, texting has become like blinking: the average person, regardless of age, sends or receives about 400 texts a month, four times the 2007 number. The average teen processes an astounding 3,700 texts a month, double the 2007 figure. And more than two thirds of these normal, everyday cyborgs, myself included, report feeling their phone vibrate when in fact nothing is happening. Researchers call it “phantom-vibration syndrome.”

Pantsing the Economy – or tale of the trousers

For many of us, unless our claim to fame is being a fashionista or GQ guy, like our old, worn out clothes. Those comfy rags we slip into around the house when we are sure no one will be ringing the doorbell with video camera or iPhone in hand. No chance of ending up on YouTube, Facebook or any other social networking site. Perhaps one glimpse of this pantsing might improve Facebook’s stock, then maybe not.

I hate shopping, unless it’s for some new technology or software I just might use. To be more precise, I hate clothes shopping. As does my hubby. The Mall is not our friend, it’s sensory overload with teenagers hanging on the fringes and ear-piercing sounds emanating from every orifice. And, those 3-way mirrors, I loathe, despise and detest. Enough said.

Now hubby took his comfort level to the trail and the pharmacy. Sort of. Wearing his khaki’s for some time, they developed a small, but threadbare spot. A little noticeable, however might be overlooked in polite circles. Then it happened. A slight, 3-corner tear appeared. Still not quite the homeless guy on the street look, at least not until a toenail turned that opening into what some might call, fashionably distressed. That is if they were jeans on some young thing with a tongue piercing.

We were just getting ready to take Max out on a trail walk and make a pharmacy run when that toe nail did its dastardly deed. Well, this was more than any well-bred inner circle could ignore. The trail was one thing, but picking up pharmaceuticals in broad daylight in a busy shopping center, how uncouth.

Off we went. I thought about what I might say in defense of my hubby’s pants. Perhaps we would be alone on the trail, just the whispers of the ocean breeze and the chirping of the birds. No way to interpret what they might be gossiping about, no problem. A couple came toward us on the crest of the trail, I held Max off to the side as if I knew not the stranger with the tattered trousers. Hubby asked them about another trail. I’m sure they knew we were together. No place to run.

Well, I was ready with the trouser defense, just in case. Hubby was protesting the bad economy. He would wear his clothes until he got some answers. If you think his pants are bad, I would chime in – you should see his . . . Well, I wasn’t going to go there.

We made the pharmacy run, hubby walked in with his head held high and his eyes concealed behind his DG sunglasses from eBay. I turned on the Suburu’s radio and watched for his return. I heard no laughing, I saw no pointing fingers as he walked like any other man in unholy pants. We were almost home free. My only thought now was to get up to our condo without a neighbor in sight. And to put those pants where the sun doesn’t shine.

Moral to the story? Some men can pull this off, others not so much. Do you have a tale to tell? Join the party, only if you dare.

Friday Drabble – broadcasting the days of her life . . .

The dishwater blond stood in front of the locked door, oblivious to the world. Clutched in hand, held to her ear, an iphone linked her voice to friends – and strangers. It was a whine fest, sans the crystal goblet or tasty bit of cranberry-enhanced brie.

Hair tied-back, she wore black cotton pants, a pair of black Crocs and a look of utter exhaustion. The line behind her grew, the rest of us enduring the days of her life. Still, she prattled on until someone on the other side of the door mercifully freed us from her stormy existence.

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Apple Earnings: Apple Delivers Blowout Results as iPad Sales Soar – CNBC

Apple Earnings: Apple Delivers Blowout Results as iPad Sales Soar – CNBC.

Selling more than an Apple a day - good for Jobs.