Surfing the Concrete Wave

Alga Norte Community Park in Carlsbad just opened a world class park to the tune of 40 million. The new Skate Park is a small part of it, and fun to watch the kids and adults riding the concrete waves. Just a few shots and a few dressed up for prime time.



Skateboarding with the Pro . . .

Brad Edwards

Hold it! If you think I’m brave enough, or even coordinated enough to jump on a small piece of wood screaming down a culvert or riding on a rail – well. Enough said.

upper view culvertYou never know when an opportunity to take some shots will present itself. A time when your cell phone camera just won’t do. Saturdays, we have a routine walk at one of the lagoons. However, it had rained a few days ago and hubby knew the trail would still be muddy. We opted to go over to Calavera Lake – one trail is asphalt, and one dirt. As we walked closer to our destination, I heard the sound of skateboarders in the culvert below. Camera was still set on B&W, and it was nearly noon. Give it a shot.

I was so intrigued that I went down the hill to ask if the guys minded if I took a few pictures. I have to admit, I left hubby and Max to take a walk . . . without me.

One of the guys told me that his friend Brad was a famous skateboarder. He turned his board over for me to see that it was a Gravity Brad Edwards Board. OK. That’s not my world, so how would I know, and was he kidding me? Two of these guys were about 40 years old. Both very friendly and didn’t mind being photographed. I knew I didn’t have much time and that hubby would be looking for me, and calling me on his cell.

Grab your camera and hope for an adventure, if not yours, someone else’s. Thanks again to Brad Edwards . . . if you get the urge to fly, here’s his site –

Here’s the real deal . . .


Photo editing when skies are cloudy and grey

Summer at the coast is not always the best time of year in SoCAl. We’ve had more than our share of overcast and fog. A little wandering around with my cell, a young girl sitting on our curb reading – yes, reading not padding away on some electronic gadget.

One more of Annie, the young woman who did my mani/pedi.
Annie Bubbles background3_pe

Two plants which line our stairs. Both with my cell, the bright blooms were not enhanced, just the spiky one.

The sun has finally made an appearance, perhaps it will grace our skies a few more days.

I see beauty in . . . dead things … among the living.

While out on one of our trail walks, I paused to look at a dead bush while hubby and Max kept their usual pace. I dropped my pole, fished my cell phone out of my back pocket and pointed it in the direction of what had attracted me. First of all, I could only see myself in my Galaxy S2’s screen – I know noon is a bad time of day to take photos. But, we were there.

The original is pretty washed out as it was another June gloom day. Then I ran the shot through my new editing software. Just maybe you can see what I saw when I first spotted the bush. I like to call it “DYING OF THIRST.”
Dying OF THIRST_pe

Then there is a very old tractor sitting on a bank in front of a ‘throw-back’ restaurant, a garden center with chickens running through it, a Mexican pottery place, a liquor store and guitar center. And, a place where migrant workers hang out hoping for some day labor.

Another fence along a paved trail behind a new development.