War and back . . .

airsoft videoI was drafted by my grandson to become his war photographer. This was the second time he’s held an Airsoft War at home in Fallbrook, CA. It was out east of here an and I spent most of the time standing in, very tall, very wet grass. I couldn’t risk getting too close for fear of injury by hundreds of pellets. Yet, my grandson was happy with what I gave him and at the end of the day, I only suffered socks soaked enough to ring out.

His mom took pics of the first game and I did manage a short video for Youtube.


I need more Pixels . . . Please

Back in the cyberworld of pixels, my daily dose of ‘friends’ pics on Facebook finds me whispering, more pixels, please. Cell phone cameras are handy, however I know how impossible it is to see anything on a cellphone during daylight. Some of the shots are clearly not cell camera created and just wanted to tweak here and there.

Stay . . . Sit . . .

A two month pain in the neck, not a relationship but an actually physical pain made sitting at my Mac pretty much impossible. Gotta love my smart phone for keeping me connected, but one cannot create the things I like to post.

Yesterday was a day for this cowboy to take his sweetie for a ride. They were in front of us, it had to be a rear shot. This 1940 Ford Pick-up was a beauty and caught my eye long enough to capture it before it turned toward the coast.

I think one of the things I enjoy most is taking some very poor pics that friends post on Facebook and surprising them with a new version. Not always easy and sometimes just impossible. But always a challenge to come up with something to make them smile. The remake of Pastor Z on guitar was so well liked he decided to use it for his profile picture. Long time friend and founder of Bikers for Christ International.

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One of my neighbors posted a shot of her and her mother at a birthday party. This was another Facebook post that, when I saw it, I flinched. I used three different programs and came up with something she really liked. Still not great, but . . .

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I’m sure this was a cell phone shot . . .

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Now, if there I could only make a living, or a few dollars more for something I enjoy. Happy to be back with WordPress.

Shoot from the hip . . . . not always easy

Just another day of 70 plus temps and we were out at a devilish time of day with haze to boot. Hard as I tried to see what I was shooting in my articulating screen, it was pretty much impossible. The one thing I  may have mastered is not looking at people I’m shooting. I keep my head down, pretend I am looking at my screen and wander about aimlessly. My husband is always at least 30 feet ahead of me with Max.  Last week he stopped and asked if I was all right. He didn’t understand why I was walking like a brainless idiot or someone on drugs. Great illusion I’m pulling off – no one suspects.

An elderly gentleman with a cane caught my eye today as he carefully plodded up a small slope to sit and enjoy the day.

Then there was a young runner being urged on by her parents . . .

side shot girl run resize
A man pushing a wheelchair so a woman could feel the warmth on her skin and the breeze in her hair.
side shot wheelchairresize
Another set of wheels . . .
mom stroller resize

The Girl with the Lampshade on her Head

About a month ago,  I was scrolling through all the posts on Facebook  and something weird flashed by. I backed up and there she was.  A very attractive young woman with a lampshade floating  on her head.lampshade_head No, not a party shot. Just one of those times when the photographer wasn’t paying attention.
I commented and said I could remove the shade if she wanted me to. I never hear back and thought she might have been offended. With almost 2,500 friends on FB, I didn’t know her personally.

I happened to see her pic in my downloads file and with too much time on my hands, well . . . see for yourself.
Her halo

It was only a matter of minutes after I posted the results and asking if anyone knew this woman that I heard from her.
She happened to be home sick, sitting in her recliner when she saw my post. Calling her my lampshade girl got her laughing and was she offended . . . not at all. Sometimes you can make someone’s life a little brighter and you never hear about it – this day I did.

Bluffing . . .

Noon, and walking along the bluff on the Coast Highway, I spotted someone taking pictures over the fence. Since there wasn’t much going on below, I wandered over to see what had attracted him. He was already back at his car, so no interference on my part. It turned out to be a spot of seriously eroded bluff. There are signs along the fence line to stay away from the cliffs. One woman was walking on the beach, very far below and a surfer too far out to capture from my vantage point.  Here’s my  bluff.

bluff PG

Then there’s this . . . a Facebook Friend whose pose sent imagination flowing. He loved the results, said “Now that’s . . . a classic.” Another bluff . . .

Big Hair and all that D-I-S-C-O

A close friend was celebrating her birthday and posted an oldie, but goodie of herself on a social media site.  Back in the days of the— bigger the hair, the better. Couldn’t resist  the temptation to transform her into a group shot I found online.  A little of this and that to put her in the picture.



Disco Kjpg

The Garage Sale – that wasn’t . .

garage sale
It was supposed to be a community garage sale. We live in a condo community of 220 units. In our four grouping, three of us participated , our other neighbor was our of town. We were the only ones on our street to tag and bag and set-up before 7AM. We were hoping for a flood, what we got was a trickle,  mostly those who were looking to score cheap so they could resell later in the day.

I don’t have the numbers, but if 15 out of the entire complex hauled their goods either up or down the stairs, I would be surprised. I made the big bucks in the group – a whopping $16.00, of which I spent two buying from my downstairs neighbor.

We had five kids divided between two of the condos who spent nearly all of the five hours playing in front of the garage. I’m not sure who was more tired by noon, the kids or us. There was advertising and a number of homemade signs on the street and a notice on Nextdoor.com. Not everyone here is on the community website.

Two good things happened. I did get to meet some neighbors who were new to me and visit with some old friends and a few dogs. Not wanting to make the kids uncomfortable, I grabbed my cell phone and took a few shots then played around with them. Best part of the day for me.

Playdate garage sale
Fantasy kids resize
B&WKaylee copy

Kayle-in-chair-fantasy sketch

Traffic Jam . . .coming and going.

Lake Calavera is a few miles from home and a great place for mountain biking. Week-ends bring them to ride like the wind. They don’t seem to mind me snapping away. Decided to make a composite – shots were taken with my Galaxy.

Two versions.