Fuschia Fantasy – a Friday Drabble

Once I dreamt of pink satin slippers and a shimmering tutu. I imagined standing on points and hearing the thunderous applause as a handsome prince knelt before me with a single rose.

Someday I would join the Ballets de Monte Carlo and tour the world, or so I dreamed.
But alas, this chubby youngster was none too graceful, could barely remember a Tour jeté or Arabesque. It was hopeless, I might as well bronze my slippers.

Eventually a typewriter, sometimes a microphone. Now a computer and Photoshop
bring back those childhood dreams.


The Object of my Affliction

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADoggonit , I am really down with ‘dander’. I mean stuff that makes you miserable. The sneezing, the coughing and the itching. Allergy pills, nose spray – forget about it. Every Spring and Fall things get a little drippy, but out of the blue, I find myself allergic to Max! Well, not him but that white specks of dead skin that seem to get onto and into everything. Giving him fish oil, regular baths and brushing and really good food.

Yes, I know the drill. Get rid of carpets, upholstered furniture, keep the dog off the couch, off the bed and clean, clean, clean. I do my best, on some of it.  My husband has always had to use an inhaler, maybe that will be next. Taking Max back to the shelter is not an option. gg58772415

There is only one thing that I can do to avoid this problem, as much as I hate to do it.
Max-kisses-daughterI just have to figure way to get those wonderful kisses and that cold nose nudging me awake.dog-nose1

Breaking News!
Just ordered this air purifier today. Perhaps Max won’t be a Bubble Boy after all.air purifier

Hobbit fun . . .

I downloaded some free Hobbit posters with the faces grayed out along with some backgrounds – this way you can make the posters your own.  Hop into PSE or wherever you can do the most damage and run the Hobbit amok. Something to do when nothing else calls. Right?

Photoshop rescues the winter blahs . . .

The weather outside is frightful and Photoshop’s

So delightful . . .

Okay, it’s Southern California and it has been foggy and cold on the coast the past few days. Anytime the temperature dips below 60 we complain, I have some nerve. Coming from CT, I should be happy it’s only snowing on my blog.

With a whiteout in the canyon and moisture dripping off the leaves, it gives me time to find some new brushes and download new textures.  Opposite ends, one is a photo I recently took of a friend’s toddler using textures and the other all done with brushes and textures. Someone said it looked like a movie poster.

There are so many free resources for Photoshop that it’s a good thing it isn’t cold and miserable very often.

Sticky Fingers

In The Hood

‘Faking It’: The Met Celebrates Manipulated Images Before Photoshop

All this without Photoshop – back in the day. Amazing.

‘Faking It’: The Met Celebrates Manipulated Images Before Photoshop – LightBox.

The LightBox site”http://lightbox.time.com/2012/10/10/faking-it-photo-trickery-at-the-met-museum/?iid=lb-gal-moreon#end


Photoshop Cool



It’s been very HOT here in  SoCal – humid to boot. Time to play with photoshop elements and stay cool. Yesterday we went to the Carlsbad lagoon,  a few minutes from home. One of the shots I took screamed at me – get me out of this lagoon and put me n the Amazon. So, I did. The other is more fantasy.


Have lots to go through and will add the mob scene which was yesterday on the water.

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Summertime and the livin’ is easy at the coast


This has been a cool summer for us at the coast, seventy degrees at 2 P.M. today. I think I’ve seen the sun out once this summer in the early morning  – but compared to the St. Louis area where my niece lives , no contest.

Photos from a few summer’s ago. I was walking on the boardwalk below the street when I saw this lone surfer above checking out the wave action.  I think he saw me take his picture, but didn’t seem to mind.


Brusheezy Freebie

If you are a Photoshop, or Elements user, then brushes, patterns, actions etc. are always fun to play with. http://www.brusheezy.com/ has some great freebies if you don’ want to pay to play. I was fascinated by a freebie posted today – Jelly Fish Brushes.