Who Am I?

Sometimes you want to be all things to all people, but that’s not always possible. And in this day and age, survival of one’s creative self is a struggle. Living in Southern California, but a New England transplant who misses a couple of things, the Fall colors in October and the best Italian food and the woods. But, I digress.

Our condo, perched over a coyote-filled canyon has been home to my husband and me for many years. Both writers, the sounds of nature keep us grounded. Then there’s Max, our rescue dog. Up at the crack of crack, talking in his hound language, scratching and thumping and anxious to get to the dog park. Then there’s the trails we walk, always on the alert for rattlesnakes or . . .?

Good cook? Yes. But, the downside is . . . not eating out very often. Part Jew, maybe a quarter, one who knows how to put what would be an pricey meal in a restaurant on our table for a fraction of the cost of eating out.

Have had several plays produced, one a full length musical at an historical theater in Oceanside, CA.

Currently, a finished novel entitled “The Deer Gun” sits on my computer. Main stream fiction, know an agent or publisher? Let me know. Please. I am also the graphics and media person for a motorcycle ministry – Bikers for Christ International. One of my photos made the cover of a well-known biker magazine last June.

Interested in our country and what is happening to our freedoms. A Fox News, Buisness News and GBTV fan – also Burn Notice, NCIS, CSI and Survivor.

Want to know more? I do. Friend me on Facebook – Andrea Bearden-Kuhns.

6 comments on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi UndercoverL, Thanks for the award – I’m not sure what to do with it or how to post it . . . silly me. TB1

    Keep looking up!


  2. Just write the 11 facts about you (or things that define you), and then nominate 11 of your readers who have 200 followers (of thereabouts) and then let them know. 🙂

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