After the rain . . .

Last week we finally got what we had been dreaming of for months. Rain. Rain in torrents. Rain in tiny drops fluttering off the leaves. Rain coursing down our street and into our garages. Ahhhhh. Not enough to make a dent in the severe drought, but enough to encourage the flowers and newly budded trees.

Early this morning we were at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon with Max. The rain did cause the bank around the short trail to crumble in a number of places. Took a few pics of that erosion and the paddlers that were still training on Thursday mornings.
After the rain
six guys

And now an oldie but goodie . . .

Paddleboard Racers . . .

Every Thursday, starting at 6:30AM, a large group of paddleboarders train at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Come April these racers will head back out into the Pacific for competition. I was never there early enough to see the start, but they can move once the pistol goes off – or the instruction yells. They make two trips from lands-end to the freeway bridge and back. Quite a site, I only wish I could have been closer as they are some distance from the beach once they start.

With all the rain we finally had, it won’t be safe to go back into the lagoon this week. This might deter them, as once in awhile someone will get very wet.

There’s Texting and then . . .

Watching people text has lost its allure. So common place this has become that one hardly takes notice – unless you have camera in hand and take your best shot without being mugged..  This was the occasion at a mall yesterday. Why – just the age difference between two I spotted. Now, both seniors and elementary school kids are totally engrossed in this age of machines.guy texting mall
senior text

Then I spotted the most amazing thing, a gentleman . . . READING. A book, not a small device but something which seems like a page out of the Flintstones. He sat quietly in front of the kiddie train, perhaps he was reading about giraffes . . .
senior reader

I stood casually outside the store where hubby was clothes shopping, with camera at hip level, and the sound muted . . . My articulating screen appeared to be holding my attention as no one bothered to ask what I was doing. More fun than shopping, at least for this low maintenance female.

Shoot from the hip . . . . not always easy

Just another day of 70 plus temps and we were out at a devilish time of day with haze to boot. Hard as I tried to see what I was shooting in my articulating screen, it was pretty much impossible. The one thing I  may have mastered is not looking at people I’m shooting. I keep my head down, pretend I am looking at my screen and wander about aimlessly. My husband is always at least 30 feet ahead of me with Max.  Last week he stopped and asked if I was all right. He didn’t understand why I was walking like a brainless idiot or someone on drugs. Great illusion I’m pulling off – no one suspects.

An elderly gentleman with a cane caught my eye today as he carefully plodded up a small slope to sit and enjoy the day.

Then there was a young runner being urged on by her parents . . .

side shot girl run resize
A man pushing a wheelchair so a woman could feel the warmth on her skin and the breeze in her hair.
side shot wheelchairresize
Another set of wheels . . .
mom stroller resize

Shoot from the Hip . . .

blazing six gunsSix-guns a blazing . . . hip level . . . desperadoes gone to meet their maker. That and straight talk was all I knew about the term, shoot from the hip. Until I read an article about shooting from the hip photography. Mostly used for street images, I was curious. It sounded simple, click away without getting in someone’s face or space.

Did it matter how tall you were, or if your hips were narrow or tractor trailer wide or you were hipless? Is it really a hip or waist shot? What about shutter speed, B&W or color. If you are a pro at this, send some tips. Youtube and the web have a number of articles and videos – here’s a short clip.

I’m not good at judging distance, some shots were all sky and others, well not anything to write about. Just three shots from yesterday on a trail walk. I like this one the best. We were sitting on a bench just above the trail, great place to survey the opportunities.

All ages come her to enjoy the lagoon and wide trail.

Runners with dogs are a familiar sight.

At the water’s edge . . .

The day was full of excitement – a large number of surfers waiting for the big one. Sometimes just hanging around the edge of the sand, contemplating. There must have been be a surfing class as a group of teenager kept running down the beach to someone who was most likely, the Instructor.
Leader of the pack

For some reason, this young man who was coming back in and swimming along side the jetty we were perched on, reminded me of a seal.
like a seal477

And a few more . . .

Surfing the Concrete Wave

Alga Norte Community Park in Carlsbad just opened a world class park to the tune of 40 million. The new Skate Park is a small part of it, and fun to watch the kids and adults riding the concrete waves. Just a few shots and a few dressed up for prime time.