Men of the Mission

Last night I had the opportunity to visit Bread of Life Rescue Mission in Oceanside. My husband and I founded this mission a number of years ago. Here are a few of the shots I was able to capture without disturbing anyone. Several of the men had no problem with me capturing their image, some eager to talk and tell me some of their trials.

Face it . . .

A Facebook friend posted a pic she took of a beautiful young girl.  Now I see hundreds of pics on social media and some just jump out at me. They taunt me, tempt me until I succumb to their wiles. They insist that I make a few changes, take their face somewhere they might not imagine. So, with permission from the owner of the pic, I surrendered.

Original  . . .ORIGINALpic

Surfing in the round . . .

A few years ago I came across one of Gavin Hoey’s tutorials on Youtube. Since I don’t have the big girl’s Photoshop, just the Elements of it, I thought I would give it a shot one day. That day was yesterday. Took 24 of my surfing pics and in a round-about way did what I could.

Here’s Hoey’s tutorial

Who gets covered . . .

It’s not unusual to see men jogging sans shirt, always a few on this trail. This guy got out of a bright red sports car, slathered on the sunscreen and hit the trail to get his tan on.

Tan on

On the other end of semi-nudity, these two women were dressed as is their custom. I always wonder if they complain about the discomfort, they seemed to be enjoying the day.

Cover-up 1


I really believe that California has the most active residents, at least here in Southern CA. If the truck isn’t loaded with surfboards, it might be a family load of bicycles.
Family that bikes together

I remember living in CT, and spending a great deal of winter inside gazing out the storm door while listening to the Beach Boys. If only I could live . . . dreams do come true.

A Muffin Top Selfie . . . sort of.

I know what you’re expecting—and that would be so unladylike of me. Muffin Top is also called . . . a love handle. Really? OK, here’s one just in case you absolutely want to see it. Not me. I’m not that tan.

Last week my husband went to the produce market for me, one of the items on my list were three zucchini. He came home with five. He also came home with five bulbs of garlic, they were on sale. Went to and decided to make zucchini bread with the extra veggie.

The recipe said you could substitute pumpkin for the zucchini. We buy organic pumpkin by the case for Max, great for dogs digestive system. Found a recipe for pumpkin muffins I liked better. It made 10 jumbo size delights, from scratch. You’d pay about $2.50 for one muffin in a coffee shop.

The batch looked so tasty I grabbed my cell phone, put the tin against a green screen and snapped the Muffin Tops. No licking the screen and you can stop drooling – if you want the recipe let me know.

Pumpkin muffins 2

Muffins 2

Change can be good . . . especially in a selfie

One of my friends came for a visit and was not happy about going back to Washington. She took a very unflattering selfie while on her way to Lindberg Field in San Diego. I sent her a going away gift with this transformation.

A few more pics with attitude . . .